Class Dojo

In class, it is sometimes hard to find good classroom management techniques. Small strategies work but in some cases, it would be better to have a clear system to regulate the students’ behavior. One of these systems is Class Dojo.

Class Dojo is a classroom management tool, an online software, on which teachers can give points to students or take points for them.  It is very easy to use. As a teacher, you only have to sign up to the website. Students can then choose their avatar. They have the choice between a lot of different little monsters, which then appear next to their name in the class homepage. Every time you give or take points, it is automatically updated on the class homepage. Another interesting point about Class Dojo is that the parents can also sign up to the website and be aware of their child’s progress throughout the day.

You are also able to take attendance with Class Dojo, which is another useful feature of the website. There are also other options on the site. You can give points to students who behave accordingly to the rules, or you take points from students who do not follow them.

Examples of points that can be given by Class Dojo in an ESL classroom are, of course, speaking in English in class, using a new grammar rule, doing good teamwork, being quiet while moving to another class, and even doing their homework! On the other hand the negative points can be given for not following the rules, for talking in French, or for not doing their homework. It is easy to customize and change the reason why you take or give points. You can also look on some websites for strategies and tricks to use Class Dojo. There are also sound effects associated with giving or taking points.

Here are some tips concerning the best kinds of feedback to use in class, which can easily be used in an ESL classroom. You can use this program to create a fun learning class atmosphere with your students. You can also use this put emphasis on a particular rule, such as speaking English in the class.

However, its uses are kind of limited to this. Still, it is a good learning tool, and I think that I would personally use it in a class. However, the Class Dojo system would have to be implemented at the begining of the school year.


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